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AIR Socks - Navy Blue

AIR Socks - Navy Blue

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DEFATICANT: AIR socks are conceived for sports purposes, applying pressure to specific areas, aid athletic performance by improving circulation and blood flow, it increases the supply of oxygen to the stressed muscles. In brief AIR sock can help your muscles work harder for longer, repair faster and guarantee the decrease of muscle soreness during and post exercise. They also guarantee a perfect fit, offering a fair amount of support, and stay in place even during long rides ensuring maximum freedom of movement.

THERMOREGULATION: The humidity regulation, provided by soft polyamide yarn used, (extremely light, breathable and at the same time incredibly resistant) it cuts the moisture in the sock, is fast drying, avoids the overheating and fatigue of the foot, to prevent any discomfort and reduce the blister risk.

ANTIODOR: moist and bacteria are just one of the causes of body's smells. Thanks to the breathability and lightweight of AIR sock, that increases air flow through the fabric, allowing the fabric to pull in the moisture but then quickly allow it to evaporate, it encourages rapid evaporation and consequently prevent the risk of bacterial proliferation cause of nasty smells.

COMFORT: thanks to the reinforced weaving in particular points, clearly visible thanks to the 3D effect, AIR sock protects areas such as the heel and Achilles tendon, which are shockproof and a real foot-saver in rough situations, always maintaining the high breathability 

Made in Italy

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